Refurb, Replace and Refresh.

Dynamic Access London provide specialist rope access solutions for building facade maintenance throughout the UK. Our portfolio includes work for leading glazing, facade and curtain walling contractors.


Our experience spans over 10 years of expert workmanship, working with contractors or direct to our clientele.


Maintain, Prevent and Relax

We provide planned maintenance solutions to ensure warranties remain valid. We also provide further services to prevent damage resulting from draughts and leaks due to blocked rainwater systems and deteriorated sealants.

All work undertaken is logged and presented to you in a comprehensive site specific report. This complies essential information and offers further guidance on works, maintenance programmes and work at height.

Sample Projects

  • Replacement Glass – Specialist replacement using rope access techniques
  • Survey and reports on external façade systems
  • Repairs to external façade systems
  • Curtain Wall System maintenance
  • Cladding installation and repair
  • Structural Glazing replacement
  • Silicon Sealant Application
  • Façade Cleaning and Restoration
  • Atrium Glazing
  • Leak Detection
  • Work at height solutions